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A guide to help students in Professor Wadsworth's GENH100 class (sections D & E) conduct their research

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The first several weeks of the semester will be spent developing the skills needed to conduct good historical research. This will be done by using genealogy as a method to teach research and note taking skills. Students will develop an understanding of primary sources and how to find and use them. These skills will also help students explore the research process on a small scale before undertaking the larger research project.

Genealogical research should help students understand how to articulate research questions, collect evidence, analyze the evidence and present conclusions. The emphasis is on the research process not the genealogy.

This project will help students identify interesting, feasible, and relevant research topics and questions for research projects. It should also help students understand how history is constructed and the ways it can be debated. And finally, this research project is designed to help students discover that history matters, that it is interesting and that it is worth knowing.

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