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Book a Group Study Room Online: Instructions

Instructions on how to book a study room using the online campus calendar.

Booking a Group Study Room Online

Book a Group Study Rooms Online

Using the College’s 25Live Calendar System


Stonehill students have the ability to request rooms across the Stonehill Campus through the 25 Live Room Scheduling Software. There are two types of requests that students can make:

  • Initial Request
  • Library Study Room Request

Initial Request – (Conference & Events room booking) - This would include any room or space booking outside of the MacPhaidin Library and you should use the Event Type Initial Request to ensure your request is routed to the Conference and Events Staff for approval.

Library Study Room Request – (MacPhaidin Library Room Booking) – This would include group study room booking within the MacPhaidin Library and you should use the Event Type Library Study Room Request to ensure your request is routed to the MacPhaidin Library Staff for approval.

Students may book all group study rooms online:

ML 102 (Media Room)
ML 111 (Media Room)
ML 201 (Small Room)
ML 201B (Large Room)
ML 202 (Large Room)
ML 207 (Small Room)
ML 212 (Large Room)
ML 301 (Small Room)
ML 302 (Small Room)
ML 303 (Small Room)
ML 308 (Small Room)
ML 312 (Small Room)

Guidelines for booking online:

  • You may only book for group use (2 or more students).
  • You must allow 30 minutes for room booking approval.
  • Rooms may be booked up to one week in advance.
  • Book the room for up to 2 hours.
  • The Event Title must be your FULL NAME & YOU must present your Hillcard to check-out the Room key.
  • Once you enter your date/time preference and select SAVE, your booking is Tentative until confirmed by Circulation Staff via email.

Bookings will be denied if:

  • They are longer than 2 hours.
  • If you do not list the names of the students in your group.
  • If you attempt to book multiple bookings on the same day.

Please check your email for confirmation, which you should receive within 30 minutes.

Instructions on How to Book a Group Study Room Online

Access the Group Study Rooms:

  • Scroll down the left-hand side of the page and click on:


  • Sign in with your Stonehill username/password (in the top-right purple banner area).
    • The Dashboard View will open and you can see any events that you have requested and whether or not they have the appropriate approval.


  • Click on the Locations tab.


  • Click on Pre-Defined Location Searches.


  • Click on Public Searches >> Library Study Rooms >> Run
    • Once you click on Run, the system will retrieve all of the group study rooms that are available for booking within the MacPhaidin Library.  


  • Click in a time slot for the room that you are attempting to book.
    • Event Wizard will walk you through the steps (see the next steps)

  • When a reservation has already been made or is pending, a green block will show that information.
    • For instance:  ML301 is already reserved for 11am – 1pm for the date the search has been run.


Use the Event Wizard:

  • Step 1:  Event Name:   Please enter your FULL name.
  • Step 2:  Event Type:  Select Library Study Room Request 
  • Step 3:  Click NEXT


  • Step 4: Expected Headcount
    • You must have 2 or more people
    • If you have less than 2 people, your Library Study Room your request will be denied.  


  • Step 5: Event Description: 
    • List the names of the other people that will be joining you in the study room.
  • Step 6:  Click NEXT


  • Step 7:  Does the event have more than one occurrence? 
    • Click NO because we are booking a Library Group Study Room


  • Step 8: When does this event take place? 
    • Enter Event Start Time & Event End Time.
    • If you started by this reservation using the Locations tab, the Event Start Date & Start Times have been filled in for you.  2 HOUR LIMIT FOR LIBRARY STUDY ROOMS.
  • Step 9:   Click NEXT


  • Step 10: Find and Select the Event Location: 
    • Because we selected this from the calendar to start the initial request the location has been pre-populated for you
  • Step 11:  Click NEXT


  • Step 12:  Final Step to send request for Approvals -  Click SAVE


 Please be patient while your event saves!


Pending Status Screen:

  • Your request status is now “Tentative” pending the approval of the Library Staff.
  • You have not successfully procured the room until your request moves from a Tentative Status to a Confirmed Status.
  • Please check your email for Confirmation, which you should receive within 30 minutes.


  • Email Confirmation
    • Once your event is confirmed, you will receive an email letting you know your request has been approved.


VERY IMPORTANT:  You have not successfully booked the room until your request moves from a Tentative Status to a Confirmed Status.

Adding a Room as a Starred Location

Often we find spaces and rooms on campus that we prefer to book.  These are types of rooms that should be added to your starred locations.  Doing this will add them to your Home page on the login screen of R25.

There are many opportunities to “star” a location in R25 and you can always remove this setting later. 

To Star a location as a favorite: look for the  symbol next to the room name then click on it.  After using the public search for the Library study rooms, below is an example of how to star all of the study rooms as a favorite for easy access.

Now when you are on the Homepage, you can use this to search and it cuts down on the steps needed to look at the availability of these locations. 

Note: If you are not seeing these locations after selecting the star you may need to hit the refresh icon  (#1)  at the top of the “Your Starred Locations” box.  You can also view when your starred locations are available for booking by pressing the menu button (#2) at the bottom of the box.