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Climate Justice: Fall 2016 Events

Upcoming Events

Growing Climate Justice at Stonehill           

2016 Events



Community Arts Event

Friday,  October 21     Carole Calo Gallery Exhibit

Artist Claire Leslie

Artist Workshop, Community arts walkabout



November 17, 18, 19   Hemingway Theater

Stonehill Theater Company presents Shakespeare’s  As You Like It.

Take a trip into the Green Wood where nature rules.


Racing Extinction

Heather Brodie Perry

Heather Perry
Library 119

Clare Walker Leslie

Dr. Ann-Christine Duhaime

Dr. Ann-Christine Duhaime, The Nicholas T. Zervas professor of Neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School will speak about the neuroscience of sustainable behavior.  She will explain how our brains are not wired to make sustainable choices and how to counter-act that wiring.

Watch her excellent talk at the Radcliffe Institute below

The Neurobiology of Sustainable Behavior