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Climate Justice: Spring 2017 Events

Racing Extinction

Heather Brodie Perry

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Heather Perry
Library 119

Clare Walker Leslie

Dr. Ann-Christine Duhaime

Dr. Ann-Christine Duhaime, The Nicholas T. Zervas professor of Neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School will speak about the neuroscience of sustainable behavior.  She will explain how our brains are not wired to make sustainable choices and how to counter-act that wiring.

Watch her excellent talk at the Radcliffe Institute below

Avian distributional changes over a century of climate change

 "Avian distributional changes over a century of climate change".

Morgan Tingley

Will talk about climate change's effects on bird populations, among other things.

The seminar will be Friday December 9 at 2:30 in Martin 105.

More info on Morgan is here:

The Neurobiology of Sustainable Behavior