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Films for your Courses: Feature Films Via Swank

Request a Film for Reserve

Streaming films help to increase student engagement by facilitating their viewing of media content outside of class time. This assists faculty in better using class time. If you would like to have students watch films outside of class time we can order it for you via Swank. Because rights to streaming films are expensive, this is not the best option for faculty who wish to view clips of films during class time.

To request a film to be placed on reserve, please fill out the form linked below.

 Check the Swank catalog  to make sure the title you want is available.  

Please allow 10 days for items to be purchased and  to be placed on reserve. In rare situations some titles may take longer.

 If you need something sooner please contact Heather Perry.

Heather Brodie Perry

Heather Perry
Library 119

Swank Digital Campus

 Check the Digital Campus catalog to see what titles they carry.

Stonehill now has access to Online Media Collections. You may have seen some of the collections, but what if you have a specific title in mind.  This is where Swank Digital Campus comes in.

Digital Campus, provided by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® was created for professors and administrators to enhance curriculum by providing students with access to course-related films. Through Digital Campus, students can conveniently view assigned films - freeing up valuable class time and eliminating the time constraints of sharing copies. from the swank website

To request a title check the Digital campus Catalog to see if the item is available. Using the Advanced Search, films can be searched by title, actor, director and genre. If you find the title you want you can fill out the form on the left to have it ordered and added to your reserve list. If you have any questions contact Heather Perry.

Studios  Represented by Swank

 Studios We Represent: Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, DreamWorks Pictures, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, MGM, Touchstone Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Tri Star Pictures, The Weinstein Company, Focus Features, Warner Independent Pictures, Paramount Classics, Paramount Vantage, Fine Line Features, Overture Films, Hallmark Hall of Fame, United Artists, Magnolia Pictures, Image Entertainment, Picturehouse Films, Newmarket Films, IFC Films, First Look Studios, First Independent Pictures, Monterey Media


Interactive Platform

Interactive Platform

Digital Campus March of the Penguins Sample Lesson

Digital Campus’ emerging technology provides more than just movies for education; it provides a true pedagogical tool for Colleges and Universities. Through our Interactive Platform your professors and faculty can create custom lesson plans based on selected films. Students can instantly access course-specific films with lesson plans by legally streaming the movie to their computer.

Interactive Platform features include:

  • Embed questions, notes and discussion points into the streaming video platform
  • Highlight a specific scene with the time-stamping tool
  • Share lesson plans with other faculty members
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Students can respond to faculty members’ points or questions

Interactive Platform benefits include:

  • More interactive and engaging experience for students than passive viewing
  • Faculty can create a discussion on a film without taking away valuable class time
  • Promotes on-line collaboration and discussion with distance learning program

The Platform has recently been updated.

The site was upgraded the site to add a hover feature that displays the licensing date. When you hover you should see 4 options:
1. a PLAY button to play the film
2. a PLUS symbol to create lesson
3.. a LINK symbol for the URL
4.  a LINL symbol for the embed code

Just click on the plus sign and it will open up a lesson plan. The lesson plan can prompt students to answer questions, or consider points throughout the film.