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ENV 200 Principles of Environmental Science:D'Avanzo

This guide is for the students in Professor D'Avanzo's section of Principles of environmental science.

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Finding Information for Your Papers

The purpose of the Environmental Issue Research Paper is to encourage students to learn in depth about a specific environmental issue as well as to enhance their research and communication skills.  It will provide students with an opportunity to both learn about a specific environmental issue, and to learn how to understand and analyze environmental problems in general.


There are a wide range of issues that could be researched and students are encouraged to select a topic of either personal or professional interest.  Topics should be specific enough that they can be researched within the time frame and format described below.  For example, selecting “climate change” is too broad an issue.  More appropriate would be a more focused topic such as “impacts of climate change on the northeastern lobster industry”.


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