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Developing a Research Question

This semester you are going to research and present an issue you are curious about. As you explore your topics, you are going to develop a research question. A research question is one that is clear, focused, concise, complex, and arguable. Coming up with a well-developed research question will assist you in developing a strong paper.

There are a few steps to developing a good research question.

  • Pick an interesting topic.  It is much easier to research and write about a topic in which you have a genuine interest and desire to learn more.
  • Do some preliminary research on your topic. Do some quick searches, look at your textbook or other reference works to see a bit about the topic before you commit to it.  You want to make sure it will be something that will engage your interest.
  • Consider the audience you are writing for.
  • Start asking open-ended questions about your topic.
  • Begin your research. As you seek answers to your question examine different sources of information and consider the value they bring to your topic. Information from a medical journal is going to give you very different information than information from a patient or a parent.


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