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ENG 200 - Americans Abroad

Getting Started


This guide has been designed to give you easy access to the resources that will be most helpful in your research for this course. You can use the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page. Here is a rundown of what is covered in each of those sections.

Finding Books and eBooks - This page will give you access to two library catalogs, HillSearch,the MacPhaidin Library Catalog and the WorldCat Catalog. HillSearch will list all books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, government documents and Databases held in our library. The WorldCat catalog contains records from libraries across the country and around the world. it can be used to order items from interlibrary loan.

Finding Articles - When you click on this tab, you will be presented with an annotated list of the electronic databases used most frequently for literature topics. These databases will provide you with access to articles appearing in scholarly, peer reviewed journals as well as items published in popular sources such as news magazines, newspapers and trade publications. This page will also provide you with a link to Google Scholar and the library's full text finder (the tool you can use to determine if we have electronic access to a particular journal.)

Citing Your Research -  This page will provide you access information about and examples of the MLA citation style.

Tutorials: MLA International Bibliography - MLA International Bibliography is the preeminent database for literary studies. This page contains several tutorials showing you how to search MLA for information about particular, works, authors, or concepts.

For this class, you will primarily be searching for scholarship in literary studies (analyses of specific literary texts, concepts, genres etc.). That said, depending on the nature of your presentation or paper, you may want scholarship in journals or books about history, theory, gender studies, psychology, philosophy, etc. If so, consider visiting the LibGuides home page. Each subject guide will provide you with information on how to find scholarship related to that particular discipline.

A Note About Accessing Library Help/Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Librarians, like all of you, have need to make adjustments in the face of the pandemic. Please know that we are here to provide you the help you need, when you need it, regardless of whether you are living on campus, commuting, or studying remotely. You are always welcome to make an appointment to meet with one of the reference librarians, either in person or via Zoom, at a time convenient for you. To do so, simply click on the LIbCal link in the "Contact Us" box below the navigation menu. If you'd like to meet with me, click on the "Schedule an Appointment" link in my profile box, which is immediately below the "Contact Us" box.

As many students are studying remotely, this guide will provide specific instructions on how to access digital material - ebooks and electronic scholarly journal articles, for example. We will also invite you to contact a librarian if you identify a print source you would like to access from the library, such as a chapter of a book. We are more than willing to scan items and send them to you via email. Please note that we are unable to scan full books due to time constraints and, in some cases, copyright regulations. We will, however, strive to help you get the portions of such works that you need.

CWAA-Tutoring Information

For any questions, please visit our website or contact us via email

Devon Deery, Director

Alicia Brienza, Assistant Director

Leona O'Neil, Administrative Assistant

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