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Rooms for Telehealth & Telecounseling

These private telehealth and telecounseling rooms are bookable for up to 60min per reservation for students to have a private space to attend a video or phone remote medical or counseling telehealth session.  If you landed here in error and are actually looking to book a private STUDY space, please go here.  

By completing a Telehealth and Telecounseling Room Reservation, you are reserving a space for an appointment you have with a provider.  This reservation system does not actually book an appointment with Stonehill College Health Services (508-565-1307)  nor Stonehill College Counseling Services (508-565-1331, option 1).  Please use the numbers just provided to make an appointment.  If you are in need of urgent counseling support and would like to speak to someone in-the-moment, you are always welcome to access the Counseling Services 24/7 Support Line at 508-565-1331, Option 2.  If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency, call SCPD at 508-565-5555 or 9-1-1 for emergency response. 

If you have a medical or counseling appointment that will require more than a 60min booking, such as if you are attending a virtual treatment program or are undergoing virtual testing/assessment, please reach out to Counseling Services at 508-565-1331, Option 1 Mon-Fri 830-430 for assistance with considering options for space.  Requests for extended time/space should be made at least 3 business days before you need the space so that we can best determine next steps.   

Are you ready to book a ROOM to use for your telehealth or telecounseling appointment?  Please click here.

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