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eBooks in the MacPhaidin Library: Resources Outside of the Library

Information about how to obtain e-books in the MacPhaidin Library

E-Books Available Outside of the Library

If you're looking to get started with e-books and want to start reading free e-books, check out these links for free e-books.  Most e-books are available free because the copyrights have expired, or are designated from the publisher.

Google Books

If you're interested in searching for titles through Google Books, you can do it here:

Google Book Search

E-Book Software Help

If you're looking for assistance with using the right software to read e-books and e-journals in the appropriate format, check out the Software references.

E-Book File Formats

If you're unsure of what e-book format is compatible with your personal e-reader, or if you want to know what devices you can use to read a particular file format, check out the Comparison of E-Book Formats from Wikipedia that details all formats available and covers virtually all devices.  Wikipedia is updated frequently, so check back often!

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