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eBooks in the MacPhaidin Library: OverDrive

Information about how to obtain e-books in the MacPhaidin Library

About OverDrive

OverDrive is one of the largest e-book and audiobook lending resources available today.  Its collection spans over 300,000 popular leisure reading titles and an expanding academic collection that are compatible with most e-readers and audio devices.  A subscription is necessary, and although it is not currently offered in the MacPhaidin Library, it can be accessed either through your local public library or through Boston Public Library.

Why Is There a Waiting List for Titles From OverDrive?

Whether it's your first time accessing OverDrive, or you've recently started to use it, you may ask why there are waiting lists for titles when they are all electronic.  In theory, you should be able to download and access the title, right?  If only it was that simple... Libraries actually pay a fee per title to lend to one patron.  Although many libraries strive to offer many copies of popular titles, there may still be waiting lists.  Since electronic media is automatically returned (there are no overdue electronic titles), it is sometimes best to be patient.  When your title becomes available, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your requested title.

If You Have a Public Library Card...

If you currently have a public library card and you are interested in using OverDrive, contact your library through its website to see if it offers Databases through OverDrive.   You will need your public library card to use its services.

If you need help accessing your public library, or if you're not sure how, we've created a Public Libraries section!

If You Don't Have a Public Library Card...

If you don't have a public library card, or your local public library doesn't offer OverDrive, there is still a way you can obtain access to OverDrive so long as you are a faculty, staff, or student of Stonehill College.

Did you know that if you live, work, or attend school in Massachusetts that you can use OverDrive through the Boston Public Library?  You won't need to travel to the nearest BPL branch to get access either!  You can apply for a BPL eCard that will give you access to OverDrive and other Databases so you can download titles to your e-reader.  

To get started, you'll need to apply for a BPL eCard.  After you have succesfully entered your information, you will receive an email with your eCard number with instructions to login.

Need help applying for an eCard?  Open the PDF file below for assistance!

Getting to Know OverDrive

If you'd like to learn more about features and services offered by OverDrive, you can take the Guided Tour to learn more about the product.  You'll need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to take advatage of the guide.

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