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New Features in CampusGuides: Surveys & Forms

Check out the new features in CampusGuides.

About Survey & Forms in LibGuides

Using the Surveys and Forms module of LibGuides is a great way to solicit feedback on a particular subject.  Before you get started, there are a few things to know about how the feature works:

  • The survey/form you create in LibGuides doesn't necessarily have to be used just in LibGuides.  It can be embedded in virtually any webpage and/or sent to patrons via an email with an URL link.
  • Unlike some other survey tools - such as SurveyMonkey - it is not possible at the moment to restrict a user from submitting a survey/form multiple times.
  • Results from your survey/form can be easily downloaded as an Excel file.
  • You can even set your survey/form to send you an email every time a user submits your form.
  • Survey/Forms can be restricted with a password - this is an efficient way to survey one particular selected group of people.

You can learn more information about surveys and forms in LibGuides by reviewing the documentation provided by SpringShare!  Learn about designing questions, response choices, and harvesting results.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to learn on your own, click on the "Modules" tab at the top and then select "Survey/Form" to get started.


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