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New Features in CampusGuides: Backup

Check out the new features in CampusGuides.

About Backups

As you start to edit your LibGuides, there is a way to create backups of the work you've done so far.  Just like backing up the files on your computer, backing up your data on LibGuides may save you a lot of time and frustration if you were ever to inadvertently delete your work while updating or redesigning your guide.  Obtaining a backup of your guide is extremely easy and take up very small space on your computer. 

LibGuides gives you the function to create an HTML (web) backup of your work.  Once the backup file is created, it is then downloaded locally on your computer.  To open the file, just double click on the file and it will open in your default internet browser.  Your LibGuides backup is simply the HTML (web) version of the individual guide; to obtain a backup of every guide, you will need to download each corresponding one manually.  

In order to "restore" your guide from a backup file, you will need to recreate the boxes on your guide.  However, the content is easily copied and pasted from your backup to your guide.  Remember, backups are not automatic.  Before starting any major edits/updates or after creating your guide, be sure to download a backup.

Creating a Backup

Whether it's before you start making major edits or after creating a guide, it's simple to create your backup.  Although it will work in any internet browser, it works best in Internet Explorer.  While logged in to LibGuides and editing yoru guide, go to Guide Settings (in the top orange toolbar) and then click on Create Backup.  

When the file starts to download, you will want to make sure you click SAVE in order to keep your backup stored locally on your computer.  You can save your backup anywhere you'd like on your computer.

By default, when your backup is downloaded, the file will be named "(name of your guide)_(numbers)".html

If you download the backup of your guide several times over the course of edits and you're not sure which copy you need ... on your computer, simply right-click on the file and left-click on properties to look at the "created" date.  

Restoring From a Backup

In the event you ever need to restore data from one of your guide backups, you will want to open the HTML file that's stored locally on your computer.  Just double-click on the file and it will open in your default internet browser.  

You'll see all your guide content, but in boxes that don't necessarily look like they do in LibGuides.  Since the backup feature of LibGuide only backs your data up in an HTML format, only the text is backed up (not the formatting).  In LibGuides, you will need to format any of the columns and recreate any of the boxes as needed.  From there, you can copy and paste your text from the backup copy into LibGuides.

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