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First Year Seminar Companion: Sample Assessment Rubrics

This guide provides an online version of much of the material contained in Dr. Todd Gernes's "A First-Year Seminar Companion," created in September 2015. Faculty will find information on First-Year Seminar (FYS) guidelines, sample syllabi, learning style

A Note on Assessment Rubrics

As Nancy Sommers writes in Responding to Student Writers, “[…] responding is rooted in a partnership between students and teachers and, as in any relationship, develops its own language and meaning. Part of the quid pro quo of any relationship is the reciprocity of giving and receiving advice.” Since we know that comments matter to both instructors and students, we have included two rubrics in this manual to help develop a scale of concerns related to FYS outcomes, focus on student learning, and offer examples of how to implement rubrics for evaluating global concerns and individual assignments.

The first rubric is more holistic and can be used to evaluate student performance across an entire course or in a final paper or portfolio. The second relates to grading individual assignments and can be customized to include both writing and content elements. 

FYS Global Learning Outcomes Rubric

Assignment Specific Rubric

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