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Community Health

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (CWAA) will provide online tutoring through Spring 2020. All tutoring appointments & group subject labs will continue via eLearn. Please login to TutorTrac with your myhill username and password for more information, to view the schedule, and book appointments. For any questions, please chat with us on our website or contact us via email


Phone numbers and email addresses for the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement are:

Devon Sprague, Director

Alicia Brienza, Assistant Director

Leona O'Neil, Administrative Assistant


Course Description

Course Description: This course will introduce the concept of Population Health Management through the lens of community health issues. We will explore the root causes and illness and disease within communities and then identify risk prevention and health promotion practices occurring within the government, state and local municipalities.

The Research Assignment

Research Paper: After learning about health issues that affect different communities, you will choose a specific health issue of interest (Such as asthma rates in low income areas of cities) then conduct research to ascertain, 1) Why is this a health problem (what statistics/facts are there to highlight this issue; 2) Who is the population being affected (ex. children/adults, urban/suburban, etc.), 3) What is currently being done to address this issues (ex. By the government, local health department, community agencies, etc.); 4) where are the gaps in service? What is missing? What needs to be done to address this issue?; 5) What are your proposed solutions to the problem? What does current research suggest to effectively address this issue?

The paper will be 6-8 pages long, double spaced, 12 in times roman numeral font, 1 inch margins. There must be at least 5 primary sources used and properly cited using either MLA or APA format. Articles need to be uploaded to E-Learn by Feb. 5th . By Feb. 12th each student will have met with the Librarian, Joe Middleton, to discuss the journal articles chosen and to answer any additional questions about gathering sources for the paper. A one page proposal will be due to the E-Learn 3 Drop Box by Feb. 19th . The final paper will be due to the E-Learn Drop Box on March 12th . The final paper will be due to the E-Learn Drop Box by October 31st. There will be 10 points deducted each day the paper is late.


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