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Reading in the Disciplines: Communications

Demystifying Communications Journal Articles

Professor Leone has some helpful advice for demystifying COM journal articles. 

It is important that the reader is able to understand and interpret what they are reading. 

approaching quantitative articles in communications you will find they follow a straightforward formula. Each section of the article serves an important function which will assist the reader in demystifying the article. 

The introduction provides a brief introduction to the problem and topic being addressed. 

The literature review provides a presentation of the relevant theoretical areas that inform subsequent hypotheses and /or research questions. This is where the authors demonstrate their understanding of the theoretical foundation for the present work, and, in a way, justify why the work is worth doing. Authors present their hypotheses and the rational for them.  Readers need to understand these rationales, independent/dependent variables and what the expected outcomes are.  


Approaching COM Research

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