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Journal Article References

Lee, S. Y., Sung, Y. H., Choi, D., & Kim, D. H. (2021). Surviving a crisis: How crisis type and psychological distance can inform corporate crisis

responses. Journal of Business Ethics168(4), 795–811.

Machina, M. J. (1989). Dynamic consistency and non-expected utility models of choice under uncertainty. Journal of Economic

Literature27(4), 1622–1668


  • Parenthetical citation: (Lee et al., 2021)
  • Narrative citation: Lee et al. (2021)
  • If a journal article has a DOI, include the DOI in the reference.
  • Always include the issue number for a journal article.
  • If the journal article does not have a DOI and is from an academic research database, end the reference after the page range. as with the Machina article. The reference in this case is the same as for a print journal article.
  • If the journal article does not have a DOI but does have a URL that will resolve for readers (e.g., it is from an online journal that is not part of a database), include the URL of the article at the end of the reference.
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