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Legacy RefWorks Guide: Importing References

A Guide to using RefWorks

Importing References from the Catalog (HillSearch)

Use these instructions to export citations from the MacPhaidin Library Catalog into RefWorks:

  • Search the MacPhaidin Catalog to find the citations you want, and mark each one (click the Save Marked Recordsbutton on any results screen, or the Save Record button on the record for an individual item). 
  • Click the View Savedbutton.
  • Choose EndNote/RefWorks for the format and Local Disk for the Send List to option, and then click Submit.  You can open the text file, or save it (someplace you can find it again!). 
  • Log in to your RefWorks account.
  • On the toolbar, choose References > Import.
  • Choose Innovative Interfaces (EndNote/RefWorks) for the Import Filter/Data Source.
  • Choose EndNote/RefWorks Format for the Database.
  • Then Browse to select your saved file (will be called export.txt by default), and click the Import button.

Importing References from Databases

For instructions on importing references from specific databases, where available, find your database below and click on the vendor name to the right.


Academic OneFile [Gale

Academic Search Premier [Ebscohost]

ACS Publications [ACS]

America: History and Life [Ebscohost]

American Civil War: Letters and Diaries [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

America's Historical Newspapers see instructions below

AnthroSource see instructions below

Art Full Text [WilsonWeb]

ArtStor [ArtStor]

ASM Journals Online

ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index [Ebscohost]

Biblical Archeology Society Online see instructions below

Biography Resource Center [Gale]

Biological Bulletin see instructions below

Black Thought and Culture [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

Boston Globe 1872 - 1979 [ProQuest]

Boston Globe 1980 - present [ProQuest]

Boston Herald July 26 1991 - present [ProQuest]

British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

Business Collection [Gale]

Business and Economic History Archive see instructions below

Cambridge Histories Online

Cape Cod Times [Newsbank]

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index [Ebscohost]

Communication & Mass Media Complete [Ebscohost]

CQ Weekly  [CQ]

Criminal Justice Periodicals [ProQuest]

Criminal Justice Review

Congressional Publications [ProQuest]

Early English Books Online

eBooks on EBSCO Host [Ebscohost]

eBrary [eBrary]

EconLit [Ebscohost]

Educator's Reference Complete [Gale


Expanded Academic ASAP [Gale

General OneFile [Gale

General Reference Center [Gale

Google Scholar [Google Scholar]

GPO Monthly Catalog [OCLC]

Health Reference Center - Academic [Gale

Historical Abstracts [Ebscohost]

Historical Statistics of the U.S.

Infotrac Junior Edition [Gale

Journal of Chemical Education [ACS]


Lexis-Nexis Academic [Lexis]

MLA International Bibliography [Ebscohost]

Nature [Nature]

NetLibrary [NetLibrary]

New York Times 1851-2012 [ProQuest]

New York Times 1985 to current [Gale

Nineteenth Century MasterFile [Paratext]

North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

North American Women's Letters and Diaries [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

Oral History Online [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

Oxford English Dictionary [See Instructions Below]

Oxford Islamic Studies [See Instructions Below]

Philosopher's Index [Ebscohost]

Philosophy Documentation Center Collection [See Instructions Below]

Project Muse [Project Muse]

PsycArticles [Ebscohost]

PsycINFO [Ebscohost]

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection [Ebscohost]

PubChem [PubMed]

PubMed [PubMed]


Sage Online Journals [SAGE]

Salem Press History [See Instructions Below]

Science Online [See Instructions Below]

ScienceDirect [ScienceDirect]

SciFinder Scholar [Scifinder Scholar]

Social and Cultural History: Letters and Diaries Online [Alexander Street Press] see instructions below

SocIndex [Ebscohost]

WorldCat [OCLC WorldCat]

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