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Finding Studies

This guide has been created to help you locate studies for your reporting. The resources have been divided into a number of categories. If you have any difficulty finding an appropriate resource, stop by The Desk or make an appointment with a librarian for research assistance.

Advocacy Groups

Many advocacy groups can provide you with reports on original research or links to relevant research. Many of these groups are non-profit organizations. One useful strategy is to limit your online search for such groups to those with a .org url suffix.

For example, if you were interested in learning more about law school admissions, using this search strategy would lead you could do the following Google search -  law school admissions statistics That would lead you to a number of sources, including the American Bar Associations' report on historical law school admissions. Some examples of advocacy groups providing research studies are:

Government Agencies

You can use the same strategy to search for studies written by governmental agencies. For example, if you're interested in finding information about the impact of the drinking age and car crashes involving young people, you could do the following Google search - accidents young people drinking age Such a search would lead you to resources from a host of agencies such as  the Federal Department of Transportation and Centers for Disease Control.Other examples of such agencies are:

Thank Tanks/Research Clearinghouses

Journalist’s Resource

Google Scholar


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