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Legal Research: Reference Sources, Journal and Law Reviews

This guide is designed to help you with your legal systems research.

Law Reviews - Encyclopeidas

What are Law Reviews?

These are periodical publications that feature articles that discuss and analyze certain points of law. Law reviews are published by law schools, professional associations, and commercial publishers. Law reviews are secondary sources, not primary legal authority.

Why use a Law Review?

An article published in a law review can provide a starting place for legal research, offer an historical perspective and report on the current status of a law. Law review article contain footnotes that can help the reader quickly locate primary sources such as a case or statute. A law review article can be a persuasive tool when interpreting a case or statute.

Secondary sources such as encyclopedias can provide citations to the primary and secondary authorities related to an area of law. Secondary sources often provide more explanation of the area of law you are interested in research. 


Use These Resources to Find Articles - Law Journal, Law Reviews, Academic Journals and Popular Press

American Jurisprudence - LexisNexis

For direct access to American Jurisprudence 2d in LexisNexis use Source Directory Find or Browse option which is located in the upper part of the main search screen. Type in American Jurisprudence 2d  in the keyword box and click on Find Source. When title appears, click on the box to the left of the title to add to the search.

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