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Implementing the ACRL Framework: Stonehill Implementation

Internal MacPhaidin Library guide on how we will implement the ACRL Frameworks for the MacPhaidin Library.

Ideas for implementation
Tutorial descriptions might be a useful starting point for designing our own tutorial series; whether to host in Blackboard or libguides would be one challenge: in Blackboard we don't have a space that we're aware of that the whole campus has access to where we can create quizzes, etc. and enrolling the whole college in a "Library" course would be fraught. Libguides is open and could be done as a CC licensed "product" but lacks some of the analytics and feedback.
The descriptions of the framework have nice, comprehensible language that breaks the frameworks down into manageable content. They are cc licensed and we could use and/or adapt them. Perhaps we could link the different boxes to activities and/or additional information to assist students with information literacy outcomes of that frame.
Look at Table 1/Table 2, etc. These tables break the frames down into IL goals for each different class level; could we use this in conjunction with a faculty collaboration template to help convey what is feasible and manageable for different class levels/meetings, etc.?
The brief videos explaining the frames seem like they could be useful; might be helpful initial step for flipping the classroom and having students familiarize themselves with basic concepts before in-person or online instruction.

Whatever we end up implementing, before it is a "done deal" we need to have a draft of ideas and programs (something concrete) to share with William Ewell/Faculty Senate and a process for soliciting community feedback and input into our program.

Top priorities for implementation

Mission statement for the information literacy program: what are we trying to achieve/teach by implementing these frameworks.

Table 1: Trying to make our own version of that based on Stonehill's General Education program could help us figure out what our steps are and what we think we want to advocate for with different faculty/what goals we want our students to achieve when.

Involve faculty as soon as possible to achieve buy-in. Do we need our own proposal and "listening session"?

Pilot more frameworks focused collaborations through and FLC that involves targeted faculty (with stipends).


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