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Searching for and Using Images Found on the Web: Information on Using Images Found on the Web

Using Images

When using images, it is import to look for copyright and fair use information.  Some images are copyrighted and you may need to contact the author, artist, or website owner for permission to use an image in your paper or presentation.

Below are some suggested websites that contain images that can be used without copyright restrictions. 


Google Images is considered to be one of the most comprehensive sources of images available. This site has images that are in the public domain as well as copyrighted by their creators.You can limit your search to images in the public domain by using the following tools to limit your search results.

Access the Google Image web site at in a web browser.

Search using the keyword(s) that best describe what image you would like to find.

Open the Search Tool to active the Usage rights options. Limit your search by using either

Labeled for noncommercial use with modification or

Labeled for noncommercial use


Google Images  Advance Search

The Advance Image Search offers the user the option of searching by size, color of image, type of image, domain, and other limits. Access the Advance Image Search here or type in in your browser

To access images that can be used without restrictions choose either:

Free to use or share

Free to use share or modify



Offers a search option on the home page

Choose one of the following to insure that the image is free from copyright restrictions

  • All Creative commons
  • No Know copyright restrictions
  • U. S. Government works 

Copyright Friendly Image Collections

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