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How to Connect to Creston Air Media: Crestron Air Media

Connecting Using a Personal Device

To connect a personal device to the AirMedia servers and display your screen on the HD TVs and Clear Touch available in the DisCo, you will first need to download the Crestron AirMedia application. You must be connected to HillSpot to use the app; the AirMedia application will not work if you are connected to the guest network.

This application is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as laptop computers.

For iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones:

  • Go directly to the iTunes page for the App here.
  • If you cannot use the link above, then:
    • Visit the App Store on your device
    • Search for "Crestron AirMedia"
    • Note: This is a free app. If you see a result titled "Air Media Center" for $1.99, that is the incorrect application.

For Android devices:

  • Go directly to the Google Play store page for the App here.
  • If you cannot use the link above, then:
    • You can use a browser to navigate to the Google Play store and search for "Crestron Air Media"
    • You can also visit the App Store on your device and conduct your search

For PC and Mac Laptops:

  • Visit the Crestron AirMedia website
  • Scroll down to the header "Choose the model that's right for you."  Beneath that, in small text, will be a link that says "Click here to download the latest AirMedia apps."
  • Select the "Windows Deployable Application" for PC computers.
  • Select the "OS X Deployable Application" for Mac computers.
    • If the download doesn't work, try the OS X Guest option.
  • Proceed with the instructions to download the AirMedia app to your laptop. This downloads the application to your personal device only, and does not give the Library any access to your personal computer

Air Media IP Addresses

Mac users and those using other personal devices may be required to enter the IP address of the Air Media server you wish to use. The Air Media IP addresses are:

AirMedia 1
AirMedia 2
AirMedia 3
AirMedia 4
AirMedia 5

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