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Stonehill College Cornerstone Program of General Education

This page contains information about the Cornerstone Program of General Education at Stonehill College. It is primarily intended as a tool for current students and faculty. Here you will find the basic requirements of the program, learning outcomes associated with the program as a whole and its individual requirements, frequently asked questions, and contact information. The mission of the Cornerstone Program is to lead students to critically examine the self, society, culture, and the natural world. The program honors Stonehill College’s commitment to free inquiry and social responsibility in the tradition of Catholic higher education. Through the development of the knowledge, competencies, and values that are central to the Cornerstone Program, every Stonehill student will be prepared for a life of learning and responsible citizenship.

Visit the Course Listings and Registration site for information on current Cornerstone Course offerings.

Faculty: Visit the Cornerstone Program Listening Sessions guide to view session topics and register to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about General Education? Visit our FAQ pages:

  • For Faculty (forthcoming)
  • For Students (forthcoming)
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