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MacPhaidin Collaborative Spaces: General Information

General Information about MacPhaidin Collaborative Spaces

Welcome to MacPhaidin Collaborative  Spaces 


Spare keys for your office and the building (in case of forgetfulness) can be found at The Desk (ask Jen C. or Amy where the masters are kept for borrowing) along with keys to the work cabinets and file drawers in the CID hallway.  Please return asap in case of mass forgetfulness so your colleagues can also access their spaces. 


Facilities assistance: Seamus Farrelly is our awesome custodial support during the day.  If you have any questions about the cleaning schedule, please let staff at The Desk know so we can coordinate tasks and priorities with Facilities  

HVAC issues should be emailed asap to Jessa Gagne.  Please copy so that we can monitor issues for conversations with Facilities. 


Technology assistance: For your desk computer, printer, and phone please call the IT Service Desk for Assistance.  For technology troubleshooting in the CHI Seminar Room, Digital Lab, Digital Workroom (podcasting/VR studio), Huddle Spaces, The Cave, or the DisCo, please contact The Desk and the staff will triage your requests. 


MacPhaidin Collaborative spaces can be used by different departments. There are a variety of spaces they can book in order to consult, collaborate, and create with faculty, students, and fellow MCS partners.  MCS partners can book spaces via This is a link where you can view availability. You will need to login to book the space (see below for login info).  The quick link for booking can be found in the bottom right corner Quicklink box of each page on this libguide. 


And This is a description of the available spaces. This is a direct link to the booking module. 


Partners who need access to MacPhaidin Collaborative Spaces will be given a LibApps Login upon request. If you prefer, staff at The Desk can also book spaces.  Please contact 


The logins cannot under any circumstances be shared with students as they access the entire system of Libguides and Calendars.  Staff at The Desk can assist with scheduling at any time. 


The MacPhaidin Collaborative Spaces LibGuide contains seven calendars of bookable spaces. 

The DisCo and Teaching Tab

Research, Teaching, and Learning librarian (RTL) teaching schedules (
DisCoHuddle Spaces, and house calls) will all be listed on the DisCo and Teaching Calendar tab in CID Spaces LibGuide.  RTL teaching booked at a huddle spaces will be listed as a house call on the  DisCo and Teaching Tab Calendar in the CID Spaces LibGuide AND will be booked via the Consultation Space booking tab on the LibGuide. 

A legend describing guidelines for posting (e.g. color coding various appointments) is included. Please use the legend to discern if the DisCo is available (versus the calendar being used to track liaison librarian whereabouts). 


Digital Innovation Lab Tab 

Fill out this form in order to book this space. 

Consultation Spaces Tab

This tab includes the CHI Seminar Room and the Fr. Arthur, Fraser, and Hynes Huddle Spaces. 

This tab opens to a schedule where CID members can book spaces. 

CID members can all book the consultation spaces. Access Services will have signage indicating if the Huddle Spaces have been booked to the best of their ability. CID members may need to ask students to vacate a huddle space they have booked, and can request assistance from staff at The Desk. 

Honors and IDEAS students will receive an email from their faculty director letting them know they have priority for booking the CHI Seminar room evenings after 5pm and weekends. They will need to contact The Desk via email, phone, or in person to book the CHI seminar room. 

313 Tab

This tab is view only. 
The computer lab can be booked in consultation with 
The Desk or an RTL Librarian. CID members will have access to book this and will need to consult with The Desk before booking. 

A legend describing guidelines for posting (e.g. color coding various appointments) is included.  

South End Tab

This tab is view only. 
The South End must be booked in consultation with 
The Desk.  The South End has a projector, screen, podium with microphone.  Speakers need to bring their own computer and connection cables.   

A legend describing guidelines for posting (e.g. color coding various appointments) is included.  


RTL On-Call Schedule Tab 

This tab is view only. 

This tab shows which librarian is currently on call for immediate reference needs.  Patrons contact the on call librarian via The Desk. 

A legend describing guidelines for posting (e.g. color coding various appointments) is included.  

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