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Provide surnames and initials for up to and including 20 authors. Where there are 2 to 20 authors, use an ampersand before the final author's name.

Where there are 21 or more authors, include the first 19 author's names, insert an ellipsis, but no ampersand, and then add the final author's name.

There is one space between initials.

APA Style Manual, page 286.



For each in-text citation, include the title of the Bible, Quran followed by a comma and the date of publication.

(The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 2010) 


When quoting or paraphrasing from a particular section of scripture, add the book, chapter and verse to your citation rather than the page number.

(The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 2010. Genesis 3:27) 

Editors, Editions, and Volumes


If a work has an editor in place of an author identify the editor(s) by using

Ed. or Eds. placed in parentheses after the last editor(s) initial and follow it with a period. When citing a chapter of a book, follow the parentheses with a comma.

Smith, J. W. (Ed.).

Smith J. W. & Crawford, M. H. (Eds.).


Citation for citing a chapter within a book

Chapter author. (Date). Title of chapter. In W. R. Leonard (Ed.), Title of book.

Chapter author. (Date). Title of chapter. In W. R. Leonard & M. H. Crawford (Eds.), Title of book.


Editions and Volumes

Place information about editions and volumes in parentheses after the title, followed by a period. Page numbers are also included in the parentheses.

(Rev. ed.).

(5th ed.).

(Vol. #).


Author information. (Year). Title of book (Rev. ed.).

Indirect sources should be used sparingly, especially when the full-text of the original source is available. Indirect sources are used in the following circumstances. 

The original source is out of print 

The original source is not available  

The original source is not available in English 


List the secondary source in the reference list, name the original work and use an in-text citation for the secondary source. 

The indirect source cited within the text: 

According to Freud (as cited in Skinner, 1974),the characteristics …. 

The resource (secondary source) is cited in the reference list: 

Skinner, B. F. (1974). About behaviorism.  New York, NY. 

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