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Bloomberg: Economics

A basic guide to Bloomberg Professional

Economics Related Functions

Bloomberg Economics Functions (in Bloomberg, enter function code and press "enter")

Function News and Research Function Economic Statistics
BBSE Menu of world economics news ECST World economic statistics
BRIEF Bloomberg daily newsletters: Economics, Economics Europe and Economics Asia ECST S World economic statistics search
CBRT Central Bank monetary policy rates ECMX Compare global economic indicators
CENB Central Bank portals, websites and source contributed data STAT Bloomberg global view
ECON Financial conditions monitor for US, Europe, and Asia (ex. Japan) WECO Calendar Country Browser
FOMC Access FOMC announcements ECO Economic Releases/Events calendars
NI CBW World wide Central Bank Watch news ECOW Display an economic data watch
NI EII Economic Instant Insights    
NI FED Federal Reserve Board news    
NRR Display news rankings    
TECO Top economic news    


Function  Economic Forecast Function  Broad Market Perspective
OUTL Economic surveys IM Bond monitors by country
ECOS Access economists' indicator estimates MMR Find global money market rate monitors
ECOC Calendar of indicator release dates WEI Monitor world equity indices
ECRP Economic impact WB Display/analyze/compare bond data
ECFC Display economic forecasts/indicators YCVR Perform yield curve analysis
BFYC Interest rates yield forecasts FWCV Analyze projected forward rates
ECSU Quantify the leading nature of the incidence and intensity of divergences between expectations and actual releases for major US indicators MA Display global M&A transactions


NRG Access a menu of energy functions
    CRR Display commodity ranked returns


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