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Bloomberg: Company Information

A basic guide to Bloomberg Professional

Finding Company Information

Search by Company Name     

Type Company Name at cursor prompt and hit the <help> key

Example: Google<help><go>

Search by Ticker Symbol:     

To find the ticker symbol of a company   :

Type TK<go>, then type Company Name<go>

If you know the ticker symbol of the company, type Ticker Symbol<equity><go>

Company Profile

With the equity screen displayed, type BICO<go>

 Company Financials

type Ticker Symbol<equity><go> and choose "Fundamentals and Estimates"

or go directly by typing:

  • Ticker Symbol<equity>FA IS<go>, for income statements
  • Ticker Symbol<equity>FA BS<go>, for balance sheets
  • Ticker Symbol<equity>EE<go>, for earning estimates
  • Ticker Symbol<equity> HE<go>, for a price/earnings ratio table

For definitions and information on calculations in a company's  financial statement type FDO<go>

Company Description

Type Ticker symbol <Equity> DES <GO>


GOOG US <Equity> DES <GO>
Google Company Description

Other Company Functions

GOOG US <Equity> HP <GO>
Google's historical prices

GOOG US <Equity> GP <GO>
Graphical priices for Google

GOOG US <Equity> CN <GO>
Company News for Google

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