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Diversity Resources for Teaching and Learning: LGBTQ

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LGBTQ Internet Resources

Finding LGBTQ literature

Every library has a limited amount of resources to spend purchasing books.  If you are looking for additional LGBTQ titles, a good place to start is the list of classics from the Publishing Triangle .

A list of major awards  given for gay and lesbian literature, are included in the Lambda Literary Awards and the American Library Association's (ALA) Stonewall Book Awards.  You shouldn't neglect the regular book review channels such as the New York Times and the New Yorker. Both of these publications can be accessed by using the library's resources listed below.

Other Internet resources for LGBTQ titles:

 Over the Rainbow Books  a list produced by the American Library Association that exhibit commendable literary quality and significant authentic lgbtq content and are recommended for adults over age 18.

 Rainbow Book List  list is produced by the American Library Association every year and lists fiction and nonfiction titles aimed at a young adult audience that deal with GLBTQ themes.  On the website you can find lists of the current and previous selections.  Links to additional booklists and organizations can also be found on the site. 

ForeWord Reviews lists great books and independent voices providing book reviews from independent publishers. 

Finding LGBTQ books and Videos here in MacPhaidin Library.

Use HillSearch to find articles and books all in one place:
Hillsearch finds books and articles based on the Keywords you type in. The Keywords may come from the title, table of contents, notes and subject heading.
Below is a list of commonly used search terms related to LGBTQ topics. For more specific results, try using them in combination with other words.  For example: Gay AND College students.
bisexual    gay men     homosexuality      lesbian     sexual orientation      transgender   queer    coming out  gay literature   same-sex marriage  transexuals homosexuality and ar

Hillsearch allows you to narrow your search by using "Facets".  Once you complete a search, you will see a list of links along the left-hand side of your search results.  To limit your results to a location in the library, a particular format or language, choose the corresponding facet.  
The "Print" FORMAT indicates it is a physical book.
The "DVDS & Videos" FORMAT are either DVDs or VHS films.
More information about using HillSearch is available HERE.

Browse the Shelves in MacPhaidin Library.

The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books in the stacks by subject. This means that it is easy to browse the stacks once you know the subject heading and call number associated with your topic.

In MacPhaidin Library, call numbers A-HF are located on the 2nd floor & HG-Z are located on the 3rd floor. All Leisure Reading books are on the 1st floor opposite Ace's Cafe.

Browse the shelves by Subject Area Call Number
Sexual life    HQ12-HQ449
Sexual behavior and attitudes. Sexuality HQ19-30.7
Bisexuality HQ74-74.2
Homosexuality. Lesbianism HQ75-76.8
Transvestism HQ77-77.2
Transexualism HQ77.7-77.95

MacPhaidin Library Reference Books Specific to LGBTQ

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