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COM 103 Public Speaking: Famous Speech Analysis

What to Consider when Choosing a Speech

Questions to ask when choosing a famous speech for your assignment. 

Consider the source of a speech. Who wrote the speech? What was the author's perspective? When and where was it written? Why was it written?  

Contextualize: If you do not know anything about the context of the speech seek additional sources to get some background information.  

Close reading of the speech. When reading the speech, consider the message of the speaker.  What evidence does the author provide? What language does the author use? What words and phrases does the author use?  

Online and Print Sources

You can search for historical speeches using HillSearch.

  • Enter the name of the person giving the speech
  • Limit to online video found under format on the left side of the screen
  • The record will have a link to the video.


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