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Cornerstone Program Learning Outcomes: Home

This guide contains links to the current learning outcomes for each of the Cornerstone Program requirements.

Cornerstone Program Outcomes

Intellectual Engagement

  • Acquiring a breadth of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences

  • Demonstrating critical reading abilities

  • Demonstrating critical thinking abilities

  • Integrating knowledge across disciplines

Effective Communication

  • Demonstrating the ability to write clearly and effectively

  • Demonstrating the ability to speak and present confidently in public settings

Leadership and Collaboration

  • Demonstrating the ability to contribute effectively to the work of a group

  • Demonstrating the ability to facilitate the work of a group

  • Demonstrating the ability to lead the work of a group

Social Responsibility

  • Valuing the diversity of persons and cultures

  • Recognizing the inherent dignity of all persons

  • Making informed decisions about ethical and social justice issues

  • Engaging in civic life and participatory citizenship

Personal Growth and Discovery

  • Developing the capacity and desire for lifelong learning

  • Exploring and developing one’s values and worldview

  • Valuing free inquiry into all issues and questions of significance

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