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SLP 101 - Intro to Human Communication Disorders, Goldberg: Home

R. Goldberg & L. Hummel

Off-Campus Access

Off-campus access to most of the library's databases is available. In order to use these resources from home, you will need to log in using your MyHill credentials - your username and password.

If you need assistance please contact the The Desk at 508-565-1313.

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If Stonehill does not own the book, book chapter, or article you need, you can order it through our Interlibrary Loan Department. Please visit the Interlibrary Loan page on the library website to order materials or sign up for an account. Need help with a request or your Interlibrary Loan account? Contact Due to the possibility of mail delays, please order your items as soon as possible.

Getting Started


This guide has been designed to give you easy access to the resources most frequently used for Speech & Language Pathology. You can use the tabs on the top of the page to access specific resources. Those resources include:

Finding Books and Videos  - This page will give you access to two library catalogs, HillSearch (the MacPhaidin Library Catalog) and the WorldCat catalog. HillSearch will list all books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, government documents and databases held in our library. The WorldCat catalog contains records from libraries across the country and around the world. It can be used to order items from interlibrary loan.

Finding Articles - When you click on this tab, you will be presented with an annotated list of the electronic databases used most frequently for speech-language pathology topics. These databases will provide you with access to articles appearing in scholarly, peer reviewed journals as well as items published in popular sources such as news magazines, newspapers and trade publications. This page will also provide you with a link to Google Scholar.

Internet Sources - This page provides links to reputable collections and websites related to the study of speech-language pathology.  Information about how to evaluate websites for credibility is also included.

Streaming Media - Use HillSearch to locate an online video that can be watched anywhere, anytime. These videos can be embedded into your class presentation.

APA 7th Citation Resources - You are required to use APA citations in your research paper. This page will direct you to a guide that provides you with instructions, how-to videos, and examples of how to cite sources using APA style.

Why Cite? - This tab links to another guide that has been created to explain the importance of citation in academic writing.  Check out this tab to learn the basics of paraphrasing, how often to use direct quotes, and why attribution is so important to the scholarly conversation.

Your Assignment

Group Project: Research Topic, Paper and Class Presentation: 

Students will be assigned to groups of 3 or 4 people, and given a specific topic. This project has five components. They are:

1)       Written research paper: This paper must be 8-10 pages long, and contains at least 5 references that includes two books, one journal article of a related research study, and 2 reliable internet references. The books can include the course textbook, the books on library reserve, and/or other books of students’ choosing. Papers must be written using APA style (  Content should include a description of the topic, related definitions, causes and types, neurological, medical, behavioral, factors, speech-language-hearing & communication. Consideration should also be given to academic profiles, treatment and rehabilitation approaches, vocational, and  societal implications, if applicable. The content and form of the paper should flow as one cohesive product.

2)       Class presentation: This presentation must be 15-20 minutes long and in-person. It can consist of a PowerPoint (or equivalent) format, YouTube clips, direct interview with people, and/or other methods of delivery students choose.  There is flexibility with regard to the manner, structure, and content of the presentation.  Content must relate to the research paper. Presentations are to be given in-person, in-class. They may also be recorded on Zoom for students attending virtually, and/or for grading purposes.

3)       Class handout: Students must write a 2-page handout for classmates to have as a resource.

4)       Exam question: Students must write one exam question that covers their topic. This question can be in any format they choose, and must be included at the end of both their Power Point presentation and their written paper.  This question may or may not be used by the instructor for the final exam.

5)       Addendum: Each (individual) student in the group will submit a separate and confidential form identifying and assessing their own contributions to the project, as well as their peers. 

Papers and presentations must be equitably divided among the group members.  Students groups must meet with the instructor at least 2 weeks prior to their presentations, to discuss how they have decided how to address & divide their topic. Failure to meet with the instructor will result in a 5 point grade reduction.  Presentations will be scheduled on different dates towards the end of the semester.

All five components of this project must be submitted to the professor by uploading it on eLearn by noon on their due dates. The professor will then post the handout portion for classmates’ access.    This assignment is worth 25%.  It will be graded according to two rubrics (written and oral) that will be posted on e-Learn. The final grade will be a combination of the paper rating (50%) and the presentation rating (50%).


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