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New Features in CampusGuides: Image Manager

Check out the new features in CampusGuides.

Google Images Search

Want to add a Google Images search box to your LibGuide?

It's simple!  Simply reuse the box in your LibGuide!

Using the Image Manager

The Image Manager allows us to import photos directly from our computer to LibGuides:


  1. Create a new content box, if necessary.
  2. Click the add (or edit) text link in the box to open the Rich Text Editor.
  3. Click on the tree icon (Tree icon in rich text editor.) in the 2nd row of options.
  4. Click on the red Click to upload an image…link.
    • Uploading an Image: Click Browse and find the image on your computer.
    • Add an Image: click on the image from your personal image library (bottom of box).
  5. The URL is automatically added on the Insert Image screen. You can now add any of the optional information:
    • Image Description: This is alt text used for screen readers.
    • Alignment: Position with respect to surrounding elements.
    • Dimensions: Height x Width in pixels
    • Border: Border in pixels
    • Vertical Space: Top and bottom padding
    • Horizontal Space: Right and left padding


For more information and a brief video about how to upload photos to the Image Manager and importing photos from Flickr and Picasa, refer to SpringShare's documentation.

Remember, if you delete any photos out of your personal Image Manager, it will be removed from any corresponding guides.

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