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Congressional Record

The Congressional Record is the daily record of House and Senate floor proceedings. The Congressional Record is divided into four section, House, Senate, Extension of Remarks, and the Daily Digest. Debates are recorded verbatim along with votes and legislative action. 

There are two editions of the Congressional Record, the daily edition and the permanent record.  The permanent edition differs somewhat from the daily edition. The text is somewhat edited, revised and rearranged. The pagination is continuous for each session; but there is no H, S, or E before each page number. There is a volume number for each session and numerous parts to each volume.

For more information about the Congressional Record see this informative web page from

Congressional Record (Bound Edition)  1873 to 2015
Govinfo produced by the Government Printing Office.

104st Congress (1995) - Daily Edition the Library of Congress' portal to legislative information.

103rd Congress (1994) -  Daily Edition 
Govinfo produced by the Government Printing Office. 


Print Congressional Record and Index

Print - Government Documents  X .67 and X 1.1: (these are shelved after the Congressional Record)


Earlier Versions of the Congressional Record

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