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Desk Handbook: Sierra

General handbook for policies and procedures at the Desk.

Checking Out a Book

  • To check a book or any other item out to a patron, first scan their Hill Card’s barcode in where it says “Key or Scan Patron Barcode” and give their Hill Card back.
  • Then, scan the item they are trying to check out.
  • Relay the date (or time, if it’s a reserve item) that the item is due and give the item to the patron.
  • Click “Close” in the top right of the app to close out the patron’s account.

Checking In a Book

  • To check an item in, you’ll have to change the “Function” in the top righthand corner.
  • Select “Check-In (No Patron)”
  • Scan the item in
  • If it’s a book, place it on the ordering shelf. If it’s another type of item, we’ll discuss later where those might go.

Searching for a Patron

  • If a patron doesn't have their Hill Card with them, you can look them up by their name
  • When in the "Check Out" function, search for the patron by typing "n lastname", with "n" being the prefix for searching for a name 
  • So, if you were searching for Sydney, you would type "n orason" to find her account
  • If a list of patrons appears, it means that we have multiple patrons with the same last name. Double click the person you are looking for 
  • From there, proceed to check out the item as you normally would 

Searching for an Item

  • To search in Sierra, change the Function to “Search/Holds”
  • You can change how you search for an item from the drop-down menu in the top left. When looking for an item, you may want to use “W WORD” to search.
    • Choose “W WORD,” type in your search words, and hit Search
    • As you’ll see in the left-hand column, you can narrow your search by Format, Language, Locations, its availability status, or publication date 
      • Note: items in our Library of Things are usually listed as "3-D Objects" 
    • Once you narrow down your search, you should be able to find the item you are looking for in the list of remaining items that are relevant to your search. If only one item remains based on your search and limitations, Sierra will automatically pull up the catalog listing. 
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