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Desk Handbook: Library Spaces

General handbook for policies and procedures at the Desk.

Collaborative Spaces LibGuide

Booking a Study Room

To book a study room: 

  1. Find the room you want to book in the study room booking module and ensure that it's available at the time you want (green time slots are available)
  2. Click on each half-hour time slot you want for a room; students can book up to 2 hours in a study room per day 
  3. Click the blue "Submit Times" button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Read the conditions and hit "Continue" 
  5. Fill out the student's name and email address and the names of students in the study room with them. If no one is with them, write "N/A"
  6. Click "Submit My Booking"

Please note: study rooms 201 and 201B are locked on weekdays from 8AM to 4:30PM. If a student has one of those rooms booked on a night or weekend, you can unlock it for them using the key in the key carousel (located in the cabinet between the two front computers at the Desk). 

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