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Desk Handbook: Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

General handbook for policies and procedures at the Desk.

What is an ILL?

  • An Inter-Library Loan is a patron-requested book or article that is sent to our library
  • A patron might request an ILL if they want a book or article that we don't own
  • Amy and Jen handle all of our ILL requests 

Where to Request an ILL

  • ILL requests can be placed here
  • If it is a patron's first time placing an ILL request, they will have to make an account with ILLiad. This is done at the same link above. 

How to Check In and Out

If a patron says they have an ILL ready for pickup: 

  • Check the ILL shelf under the desk near the front door
  • If the item is there:
    • Take out the slip in the book and have the patron sign the slip
    • Give the item directly to the patron - since the item does not belong to us we will not have the barcode in Sierra, so Jen and Amy processed it beforehand. 
    • Put the slip in the envelope of the back of the basket labeled "ILL Returns"
  • If the item is not there, ask the patron when they received their confirmation email. If an ILL is not picked up before the end of the borrowing period, we will send it back to the lending library.

If the patron is returning an ILL: 

  • Take the item and put it in the "ILL Returns" bin under the desk near the front door
  • You do not need to check the item in 
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