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Desk Handbook: Library of Things

General handbook for policies and procedures at the Desk.

What is the Library of Things?

  • The Library of Things is a collection that we have of various "things" students may need to make their experience on campus even better. 
  • It was created in an attempt for the library to provide help both academically and personally with the resources that students can find here
  • It includes items like cooking/baking materials, board games and puzzles, gaming consoles, and more. 

Borrowing Policies

  • Items from the Library of Things can be checked out for 7 days 
  • When something is returned, please check to make sure that every component is in the kit
    • (This doesn't apply to puzzles, obviously) 
    • But if someone returns the corn hole game, for example, make sure that all 8 bean bags are returned as well 

Video Games

  • Video game discs and cards are kept in holders behind the Desk. If a student wants to check out a video game and brings you the empty box, get the game from the game organizer on the shelves behind the Desk, put it in the box, and check it out to the patron. 
  • When a video game is returned, ensure that the disc is in the box, check in the item, and put the disc/card in the organizer behind the Desk and the empty box back out on the shelf. 
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