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Desk Handbook: Opening/Closing Instructions

General handbook for policies and procedures at the Desk.

Opening and Closing Procedures

Make sure to follow these instructions relatively in order; they are organized to make opening and closing as efficient as possible! 


1. Turn on all computers and open Chrome and Sierra. 

2. Get the key behind the Reserve shelves and unlock the cash drawer and key cabinet. 

3. Turn on all lights on first, second, and third floor, doing a sweep on each floor and collecting any library items on tables/carts to check in. 

4. When back at the Desk, check in any found library materials and put them in the reshelving area. 

5. Get the Allen wrench from the key cabinet (hanging inside the cabinet door) and lock the front doors open. 


1. A half an hour before closing do a sweep of the library, telling everyone that we close in 30 minutes and collecting any library materials to bring back and check in at the Desk. Make sure to check all of the study rooms and spaces for patrons. (Make mental notes of where folks are sitting so that you can go back and see if they've left after your next sweep)

2. If you find that a floor is empty, you can "close" it by turning off the lights on that floor - make sure to also turn off lights in study rooms (they aren't automatic). 

3. 10-15 minutes before closing, do another sweep of the library to let folks know we are closing in 10 minutes. Continue making mental notes of patrons and locations. 

4. Get the Allen wrench hanging in the key cabinet and lock the front doors. 

5. Lock the cash drawer and key cabinet with the key behind the Reserve shelves. 

6. If the library still has patrons left at closing, or if you are unsure, do a final sweep and let folks know they need to leave as we are closed. 

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